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Zoran Kralj, dr.med.dent., univ.mag.med.dent., Prosthodontist

10 years experience in dentistry

Hana Kralj, dr.med.dent., univ.mag.med.dent., Periodontist

8 years experience in dentistry

Zvonimir Katić, dr.med.dent., Implantologists

10 years experience in dentistry

Ivana Ćorluka, dipl.oec.

Office manager

Kristijan Rudić, dental technician

17 years experience in dentistry

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Zagreb, 8. September 2014

Another successful trip to the dentist in Zagreb. „Our“ dentists Hana and Zoran opened for us on a Sunday so that we could get our teeth checked. They were very pleased. Three years ago I had some major dental work done; my old dental fillings were replaced with new ones, two dental bridges and endodontic therapy were done as well. My dentist in Norway was sceptical at first – but he was very pleased with the results. I see my dentist twice a year and he always commends the work that has been done. I've had a lot of problems with my teeth; but after my first visit to Hana and Zoran, my everyday life has been significantly improved. For reference or other information about the performed work, feel free to call me.

Tlf. + 47 97 01 32 08
Kari Loennechen, Oslo, Norway

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