Ivana Ćorluka, dipl.oec.
As our Office manager, Ivana is in charge of all the activities that allow us to function flawlessly as a team. Patient relations, organizational processes, marketing campaigns and everything in between is what she is here for. Ivana will be your point of contact at K2 and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Easy going and professional, you will find Ivana very easy to deal with.


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Zoran Kralj, dr.med.dent., univ.mag.med.dent., Prosthodontist

10 years experience in dentistry

Hana Kralj, dr.med.dent., univ.mag.med.dent., Periodontist

8 years experience in dentistry

Zvonimir Katić, dr.med.dent., Implantologists

10 years experience in dentistry

Ivana Ćorluka, dipl.oec.

Office manager

Kristijan Rudić, dental technician

17 years experience in dentistry

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