Zagreb, 08. september 2014

My second visit to Hana and Zoran. I'm very pleased with both the treatment and follow- up care. The price is very good, and combining this dentist-visit with a holiday in Zagreb was just perfect.

Gunnar Loennechen, Bergen, Norway
+47 41 75 95 95

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Zagreb, 8. September 2014

Another successful trip to the dentist in Zagreb. „Our“ dentists Hana and Zoran opened for us on a Sunday so that we could get our teeth checked. They were very pleased. Three years ago I had some major dental work done; my old dental fillings were replaced with new ones, two dental bridges and endodontic therapy were done as well. My dentist in Norway was sceptical at first – but he was very pleased with the results. I see my dentist twice a year and he always commends the work that has been done. I've had a lot of problems with my teeth; but after my first visit to Hana and Zoran, my everyday life has been significantly improved. For reference or other information about the performed work, feel free to call me.

Tlf. + 47 97 01 32 08
Kari Loennechen, Oslo, Norway

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Zagreb, 4. March 2015

A new smile – a new everyday life!
My dentists (and for that matter; the entire family's dentists) Hana and Zoran, have done an amazing job with my teeth! They worked thoroughly, although it seemed impossible at first, the results are stunning! Periodontitis, unhealthy gums with regular bleedings, uneven and cracked teeth, loose dental bridges and a wry smile, have transformed into a real Hollywood grin; and I cannot smile and laugh enough with my new teeth! My upper teeth were grinded down fast and thorough, and after cleansing it all; my new gorgeous teeth were put in place. My friends and guests always give me compliments on my healthy, beautiful smile! Now, in spite of my fear of dentists in the past, I return 3-4 times a year for a dental check; and sometimes I even manage to fall asleep in the dentist's chair! Remarkable! Unique!

New Life – New Smile – New Me!

If any information or reference on these unique dentists is wanted, it will be provided with pleasure. Contact: mob. +47 93 06 64 81 Tanja Volden Johansen, Oslo, Norway

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Zagreb, 4. March 2015

Just a little something to thank you ever so much for having sorted out my broken tooth
for me this autumn.  It was a real pleasure meeting you and spending time in Brežice. May i wish you all the best for the festive season & coming year.

Pete Haddow, Aberdeen, Scotland

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Zagreb, 24. November 2014

A big thank you to Hana and Zoran for the amazing work they have done. I've been a patient at the K2 clinic for the past 6 years. They've fixed my teeth that were impreoperly and badly done in Norway in the past; 2 dental crowns and all dental fillings were replaced, and one dental bridge was made. I highly recommend the K2 clinic!

Trygve Volden Johansen, Oslo, Norway

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